The 173rd General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) has formally recognised the 24th edition of the Triennale Milano International Exhibition, which will take place between 17 May and 16 November 2025 under the theme “Inequalities”.

Following the official recognition given by the General Assembly, the flag of the BIE and Expos is symbolically handed to the organisers of the 24th International Exhibition of Triennale Milano

BIE Member States, gathered in the General Assembly in Paris unanimously agreed with the BIE’s Executive Committee’s recommendation to grant recognition to the 24th Triennale Milano International Exhibition, requested by the Government of Italy. This recognition confirms the status of the 24th edition of the manifestation as an International Exhibition and makes it possible for Italy to invite international participants via diplomatic channels.

To mark the formal recognition, the BIE flag was ceremoniously handed to the President of Triennale Milano, Stefano Boeri.

The President of Triennale Milano, Stefano Boeri, presenting to the 173rd General Assembly of the BIE

Presenting the concept of the 24th Triennale Milano to Member States, Mr. Boeri indicated: “We are happy to work once again with BIE on an International Exhibition that will involve numerous foreign countries, representing a vast range of social and geographical examples on the theme of inequalities. With the 24th International Exhibition, titled Inequalities, we want to continue the journey we began with the two previous editions. Inequalities aims to map disparities while at the same time searching for the most advanced political projects for a society in which differences constitute an intentional and mobile value and resource, to be recomposed within new forms of community. Since phenomena of accelerating inequalities occur within the cities themselves, urban centers represent a privileged and fundamental standpoint for observing contemporary fractures on a global scale. For these reasons, they will be the protagonists of the 24th International Exhibition and the national pavilions."

The 24th edition will complete the trilogy that began in 2019 with the 22nd edition of the Triennale Milano International Exhibition themed “Broken Nature”, and continued in 2022 with the 23rd edition themed “Unknown Unknowns”. The International Exhibition will put Inequalities at the centre of its maps, projects and visions, featuring thematic exhibitions and specially curated exhibits that will be amplified by a public programme. Countries will be invited to express their own vision on the theme and to present best practices from their own cities, with the Organisers expecting between 25 and 30 international participants.

The Secretary General of the BIE, Dimitri S. Kerkentzes, declared: “Addressing inequalities is the first step to crafting a society in which everyone has the chance to flourish. By presenting a diverse range of takes on inequalities, the 24th International Exhibition of Triennale Milano will be a venue for open debate and multilateral dialogue on the ways we can create more inclusive communities, both globally and locally”.

Dedicated to architecture and city planning, culture and design, the Triennale Milano International Exhibition is organised by the Triennale Milano institution, with the support and endorsement of the BIE, the Italian Government, the City of Milan, the Lombardy region, and the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza, Brianza and Lodi. The 1933 edition of the Triennale Milano was the first to be recognised by the BIE, with a total of 17 editions having been recognised since.